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Courses offered by Onslow Virtual Academy
Posted On:
Tuesday, May 23, 2017
OVA Courses


Below are the current classes offered through the Virtual Academy and approved by NCVPS and the State Department of Public Instruction : UPDATED February 16, 2018


Math - Math I, Math II regular and honors , Math III regular and honors, Pre Calculus, AP Calculus AB


Science – Earth and Environmental regular and honors, Biology regular and honors, Physical Science Regular and Honors, Chemistry regular, honors and AP, Forensic Science, Great Minds in Science, Astronomy,


English – English I regular and honors, English II regular and honors, English III regular and honors, English IV regular, honors and AP*** Seniors enrolled in the academy have the option of completing the graduation project online or at their face to face school. If a student is enrolled in English IV with OVA, they have to complete the senior project though OVA.


Social Studies – World History regular and honors, American History I regular and honors, American History II regular and honors, AP US History, American History: Founding Principles and Civics & Economics, Psychology regular and honors, Sociology regular and honors, Native American History, Intro to Criminology, Intro to Anthropology, Intro to Archeology,  Law and Order, Social Problems: A World in Crisis


Foreign Language – Spanish 1, Spanish II, Spanish III and AP Spanish


French 1, French II, French III and AP French


CTE – Career Management, Principles of Business, Entrepreneurship I, Health Sciences I and Health Sciences II


Electives: Digital Photography I, Health and PE, Forensic Science, Psychology, Sociology, Music Appreciation, Academic Success, Native American History,  Intro to Criminology, Great Minds in Science, Anthropology, Archeology, Astronomy, Law and Order, Social Problems: A World in Crisis


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